Shabbat March 18th Torah Portion

This week’s Torah portion is Vayikra, which also happens to be the first portion of the third book of the Torah, Leviticus. In the portion it starts to describe the different the different sacrifices, animal, fowl, and meal offerings that the priest makes in the new Sanctuary. I find this interesting, and can directly relate to the life of a college student. During the times of these sacrifices there a limited amount of stuff that can be offered. Similarly, college students (Residence, and Commuters) are limited in the amount of food their meal plans would be able to get, and the type of food they can get. With the limitations that are there, the choices may become limited, but it makes the different food more special to eat/give to G-d.

Weekly Posts

Hey everyone! Starting this week there will be a weekly post about various topics. The topics will generally include, but are not limited to happenings in Hillel, holidays, Israel, weekly Torah portions, etc. Starting next week, we will have a post about the Torah portion. Each post is the interpretation of the person who posts them. At the end of each post there will be something fun to look at, as well as, a picture from one of the recent events!


E-board 2015-2016

Second Annual Halal/Kosher event

Montclair State University takes great pride in the interfaith work that takes place on campus. This Year Hillel and MSA (Muslim Student Association) Hosted our Second Annual Halal/Kosher event. The purpose of this event was to give the Students of MSU the opportunity to try both Halal and kosher food and learn about the dietary restrictions of both religions. We had over eighty people attend the event !!!!
Check out the link !

Spring semester 2014 !

The Hillel E-Board is SUPER excited for the upcoming Spring semester. We have added MORE events(if that is possible) and fun things to be done in the next few months ! Can’t contain your excitement ??? Here is a rough copy of the events planned for next semester. As always, if you want to see or run an event PLEASE let us know !

Upcoming Events – Spring 2014

Recurring Events

●Weekly Meetings – Will occur weekly on Wednesdays from 3:00 to 4:00 pm in the
Student Center Annex, Room 205

●Shabbat Services – Will occur on the following Fridays from 6:00 to 9:00 pm:

1/24(Tu-bishvat), 2/7,2/21(Harry Potter themed) 4/4,(Disney theme) 5/9 final Shabbat

● Bi-weekly Hebrew Hour events in our office, time TBD

● Bi-weekly First year students in Hillel programs TBD

Other Events

January 22nd, Martin Luther King Social Action with Rabbi speaker

February 13th Karaoke night

February 19th Hallal-Kosher night Co-sponsorship MSA

Feb 25th FYSH program

March 7th shabbat

March 9th Chocolate seder

March 16th Brunch with the Rabbi/ Megillah reading

March 20th Purim dance Co-sponsorships with Gamers

March 21st Shabbat

March 26th Muzzah making

April 4th Shabbat

April 10th Passover event

April 15 Unofficial passover gathering

April 16th Passover movie event

April 23rd Orange on my Seder plate (LGBTQ inclusion event)

April 24th Meryum’s cup (women in Judaism)

April 27th Holocaust Remembrance week

May 1st Hillel Banquet

May 9th Final Shabbat

Please Join our email list and facebook page/ group for the most update list of our events !


We have committees !!!

This year in order to accommodate the growing needs of our members and the club, we are have created several new committees !!!


1) Advertising committee :  We need members to help post the flyers around campus and spread the word about our events.

2) Set up and Clean up Committee : Members will be asked to come half an hour early to  events to help set up and stay after events to help clean up.

3) Shabbat Committee: Members who have knowledge and interest in helping assist during the Shabbat service.

4)  Programing committee: Members who are interested in planning programs can work under program coordinator  to create and organize specific programs to their liking.

5) Community service committee: Members  will create community service programs and events for  Hillel and campus as a whole.

6) Newsletter committee: this committee gives our members the chance to show off their writing savy,   Hillel will be sending out monthly/ Bi-monthly newsletters  to Parents, Faculty and anyone else who wants to read it.  The newsletter will include event updates, reflections on past month and other important information that Hillel is doing.


do you see something that




Class one !

it has been years in the making, but we are very very proud to finally say that Hillel is now a Class one organization of the SGA ! Thank you for everyone’s help and support throughout the year we truly could not have done this alone !

For those of you who are looking into coming to MSU, or are not students of the school and have no idea what this means: We are a club chartered by the Student Government Association like majority of other clubs on campus. This means that we get our funding through the school, we have an office, access to reserving room, posting flyers, advisers and many other important and necessary things that are needed to run a club. Through the SGA there are different classes with Class One being the highest. Being class one means that we are held to the highest esteem by the SGA and have proven that Hillel is a vital aspect to the Montclair State university community. 

 So thank you again to everyone who has supported us throughout the years !